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As new versions of CMS (Content Management Systems) are released it's always worth keeping your system up to date, the reasons for this are:

  • Security - Security on the Internet is absolutely critical and you should always be prepared for the next possible attack, if your CMS is not kept up to date hackers can maliciously take advantages of security holes and bugs to access your data. Not just your own data either, if you hold personal and sensitive data of the users who visit your website you could get in some serious trouble if it gets accessed by the wrong people. There isn't only security issues from hackers when you don't keep your CMS up to date though, older versions of your CMS can be more susceptible to sinister viruses and malware. You are also leaving your windows open to all types of spammers if you don't keep up to date, and they WILL ruin your ranking on Google. Spammers can use bots to post spammy comments on your site in ridiculous numbers in an extremely short amount of time.

  • Bug Fixes - Each update that your CMS releases will have patched up various security flaws and bugs that have been exposed in previous versions, if you do not keep your CMS up to date with these patches you are leaving yourself wide open to hackers who can deface your website (as mentioned above), and also generally limiting the performance of your website as these bugs could crash your website and make certain content unavailable. You want to keep your CMS up to date to keep on top of these major and minor bugs to stop them escalating and causing you problems further down the line.

  • Performance - Keeping your CMS up to date is a surefire way of keeping your website fast and efficient. Nothing frustrates the end user more than a slow a website that doesn't perform as it should. With all the competition out there on the Internet, performance is everything. So if you keep your site up to date, the smooth and glitch-free performance will portray a good brand image and visitors to your website will notice the difference. The bottom line is; if you are serious about performance, then you need to update your version as soon as possible.

  • New Features - The web is constantly updating and upgrading in a very quick manner so it can be difficult to keep your website up to date and relevant with new web technologies, which will in turn help you keep your audience. Many new CMS updates will include new plug-ins, management tools and offer better mobile support and improved social media integration to help with this.

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